8 May

Top AAA TAG Heuer Autavia Heuer 02 replcia watches hands-on

I’m pretty sure that my next TAG Heuer table will contain the Caliber Heuer 02 that they’re still very fresh – which is exactly the power of 2017 TAG Heuer Autavia’s new engine. A few years ago, the dreamlike machine was launched as TAG Heuer Calibre in 1969, and was later renamed CH 80 before its production suspension. Only a handful of movements were made and loaded into a watch called Carrera CH 80, which I think would be a very demanding collector’s item. The table of Popular TAG Heuer replica watch 02 returns in more complex form.

I wouldn’t say that it would take a lot of TAG Heuer education to understand the appeal of this kind of watch. Since the 1950s, the cheap TAG Heuer watches family has not only a long history of Autavia products, but also the importance of this vintage watch in the modern wristwatch collection. Need a special seasoned watches lovers can understand why the reissue a new technology of complex watch (although is purely mechanical), has the very high appeal for collectors.

TAG Heuer previewed the Autavia prototype during the collector’s summit. Now, at the 2017 Basel international watch fair, the new TAG Heuer Autavia is not only officially unveiled, but is immediately available for sale in the store under the TAG Heuer table. Two versions of “Nina Rindt” will be released, including one with a “rain valley” steel metal bracelet and another with a brown retro leather strap. Otherwise, the two patterns are the same. In view of the apparent success of TAG Heuer Autavia wristwatch, its ideal machine core and acceptable price point, it does require TAG Heuer to adopt the new TU TAG Heuer Autavia series wrist watch and the Fake Caliber TAG Heuer 02 swiss movement.

TAG Heuer Autavia Calibre Heuer 02 is made of polished steel case with a width of 42 mm. Like the original, it has a bidirectional rotary timing baffle with a black aluminum hour mark insert. From the collector’s point of view, the most desirable feature of the wristwatch is the “panda dial” style, which means the small dial is in sharp contrast to the dial on most monochrome palettes. This not only emphasizes legibility, but also looks beautiful. Please note that although this TAG Heuer replica watch is now representative, it can only use “Heuer” on the dial. The brand continues to do this for its obvious “retro” models, such as the new TAG Heuer Autavia.

3 May

Fake swiss TAG Heuer Autavia watches have high quality

The original watch was worn by the 1966 formula one champion Jochen Rindt, which is very different from the previous Autavia models used in metal hour marks, straight steel hands and smaller white dial. However, the watch (pictured above) retained many features of this series of early models include the use of manual winding Valjoux 72 timing movement, long steel watchcase and much-loved Vintage swiss TAG Heuer replica watches and Autavia marks. The modern reprint of this work has led to many important elements of the mid-1960s wristwatch, and some important adjustments have been made to provide a unique modern feel.

Contemporary version, fake Autavia TAG Heuer-02 (ref. CBE2110.BA0687) uses 42mm steel case, standard round putt and black aluminum 12-hour bidirectional rotary table ring. In the external ring is the black dial watch, white minutes here at application steel hour markers of artificial verdigris accent, three white “azurage” type subdial – 3 o ‘clock 30 minute timer clock, run seconds, at 6 o ‘clock and 9 o ‘clock position 12 hours of timing clock – and toward the dial indicator at the bottom of the small date. There is also a vintage Heuer and Autavia logo toward the 12-point position, and a small “Heuer 02” on the bottom register.

Inside the watch, the steel watch, which is made of artificial copper rustbelt, is called the “Caliber Heuer 02”. The core is visible through the sapphire base (see below), with impressive 75 hours of power reserved and charged with a black hollowed-out rotor. The watch is the first to adopt the Heuer 02, which is expected to become the brand’s main timing device in the next few years. The TAG Heuer replica watch is currently listed for $5,300 by TAG Heuer.

From the vintage of the wristwatch to the modern version, bloodlines are clearly visible through some details. In the general shape of the watch – from the shape of a case, the push rod and the choice of the crown to the three white dial on the black dial – modern watch for 1960 s fake TAG Heuer Autavia watches with later models different basic components for specific respect In the series. However, in the finer details, such as the hour mark and application of luminescent material, on the edge of the small dial with white timing pointer, simple hour hand and the minute hand and the symbol of style restoring ancient ways, of course, contemporary works also make solid efforts to guide the brand’s specific fan vote again.