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TAG Heuer’s award-winning team of engineers and replica masters made a radical decision: start with blank pages, forget about gossamer and balance wheel repetition, and using mechanical theory, Christian huyghens’ extraordinary achievement 1657- the overhaul of mechanical watch supervision. TAG Heuer Carrera Mikrogirder replica watches are a complete departure from the traditional, 3th-century Christiaan Huygens system that still dominates the mechanical watch industry. Instead of using the helical shape found in classical gossamer, it USES a coupled blade/beam and excited blade/beam system in conjunction with a linear oscillator.

The Mikrogirder system vibrates synchronously at a very small Angle compared to traditional watches, which vibrate at up to 320 degrees. There are many advantages. Gravity effect caused by mass is a major problem in classical spiral gossamer systems. With MIKROGIRDER, the problem no longer exists. The amplitude is lossless and the frequency of movement can be modulated over a very large frequency range without overloading the power supply. The results were significant improvements in accuracy (time division) and performance (frequency accuracy and stability). MIKROGIRDER’s energy performance will allow cheap fake TAG Heuer watches timepieces to reach unprecedented high frequencies.

Carrera Mikrogirder is an evolution, its original is a revolution, but change is more important than just a new paint. The new Mikrogirder 10000 cannot measure time more accurately than its predecessors, but it does offer several improvements over the original. The surface treatment of the case has also changed, and the new model looks more “industrial” – the polished surface has disappeared and replaced it with a “raw” surface.

What changes the design is the new treated leather watchband, similar to the one used on TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Titanium, which replaces the original rubber watchband. After the success of the first model, TAG Heuer launched Mikrograph in anthracite color in 2012. The only difference is the color used on the inner dial and leather strap. For us, the anthracite strap was a bit of a disappointment. Most TAG Heuer replica watches anthracite dials have a starry metallic texture, but on leather straps, it’s hard to see colors other than light gray.