31 Jul

Luxury TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 43mm replica watches

Back in 2015, TAG Heuer replica watches launched Carrera 01, setting a new direction for the famous racing chronograph series. The Carrera heuer-01 is large and somewhat arrogant, rather than streamlined in a black-and-white look, which shows movement through a mostly transparent dial. But today TAG is rolling out the evolution of the -01, which has been adjusted to a smaller size of 43mm.

Showing Heuer-01 for the first time must have surprised some. Few people are reminding classic ’60s and’ 70s Carreras old-school enthusiasts that it’s not even close to other existing Carreras (such as the 1887 model). Our tech editor, Nicholas Manousos, spoke with best fake Tag Heuer watches a few months after the watch’s debut, delving into the details of exactly what made Heuer 01 so different, and I suggest you review that. One important thing to note, however, is the Heuer-01 price tag – which retails for less than 5,000 Swiss francs ($5,450 at launch in the U.S.) and is intended to be a high-value product.

The new watch we’re launching here today is the heuer-01 chronograph. They still have a 12-piece modular housing (allowing TAG to create many changes while still creating components on a large scale), they still have polished ceramic speedometer borders, and of course they still have an internal cheap copy TAG Heuer 01 movement. None of this has changed. But the size changes. The original Carrera Heuer-01 watch is 45mm, and other updates to the collection have so far kept that size. These new watches are a little less than 43 millimeters, and I really think this one can be worn with a brand new watch.

There’s no doubt that 43mm is still very large – these aren’t shrinking violets – but it can at least get a big crowd close. I know many fans of big luxury copy TAG Heuer watches still can’t stand the 45mm case. That said, these are new features in the series, and the 45mm model won’t go anywhere (meaning they might still sell well and I’m just crazy).

There are six new models in total. The blue dial is equipped with fine steel band or blue leather band, the brown dial with fine steel band or brown leather band, and the black dial with fine steel band or black rubber band. All three colors have matching ceramic bezels and bright red accessories and chronograph hands. One of the reasons for the large 45mm size in the original model is that there is plenty of space to look at the hollow core, while these new 43mm Carreras still have plenty of space.