9 Nov

Reversible Replica Watches – Famous And Less Famous Models

replica watches
replica watches

We all know the history of Jaeger-LeCoultre replica watches‘ Reverso and the British polo players. Have you heard about Cartier replica watches’ Basculante or Universal Geneve’s Cabriolet though? Read on!

So within 3 years 3 very similar yet completely different reversible replica watches came out marking a milestone in replica watches making. Since those years replica watches manufacturers from TAG Heuer to Chronoswiss, from Omega to Rotary have had similar designs, some using the reversible feature to create 2-faced watched some just paying ‘homage’ to the original idea. Without a doubt Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Reverso is the most famous among all of these. However I find it very fascinating that if we dig a little deeper in the history of one model, a whole new world of models we’ve never heard of opens up in front of our eyes. But then again that is why we love vintage replica watches.

History however is even more interesting than that. Not too long after the Cabriolet and the Reverso in 1932 (actually the company on their website states it’s 1933, but we have evidence that it came out a year before) jeweler and watchmaker Cartier launched their answer to the rectangular dress/sports replica watches challenge, the Basculante. Explaining how the Basculante works is pretty hard, so I will let the pictures do the talking for me.