28 Jul

Cheap Tag Heuer Replica Watch Reissue Hands-On

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To commemorate the 40th anniversary of Monza, TAG Heuer launched a similar re-release with the original model. Was born in 1975 to celebrate the Ferrari F1 race, this unique PVD black racing chronograph debut in 1976, and Monza has been the past four decades, which is the most closely related with the name of Monza original design. For 2016, Cheap Tag Heuer Replica commended the design with a compelling new model, echoing the original Monza’s aesthetic.

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At first glance, the new generation of TAG Heuer Monza is similar to the original, but there are two aspects of great differences. Regardless of the old pair, TAG’s idea is the focus, and Tag Heuer Replica 40th anniversary is absolutely dazzling. The new 42mm shell and bezel shape is titanium, the side of the bezel is polished, and the top of the case and bezel is brushed. Much like the original, putter and crown are left in bare steel. Unlike the original, the crown and the push rod are now on the Cheap Replica Watches same side due to the movement of the inner movement 17.

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The dial is also very different from the original, it has the same function, but through its symmetrical small design easy to distinguish. For the new Tag Heuer Replica Watches, the dial is symmetrical, the sub-dial is opposite to the original, the red accent is 30 minutes in 9 and not 3 o’clock. The phone and date display are still very similar, and the internal pulse meter scale is the same as the original design. The new TAG Heuer Monza model is handsome and clear, but in the charm of the same place as the original, it has lost some of my gratitude.

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The result of the new TAG Heuer Monza design is a very easy to recognize the appearance of Monza while still providing an updated look and feel. On the wrist, Best Tag Heuer Replica Watches feels great and feels different from Orris 65, where you can always believe that you are wearing a retro watch. Although the details of betrayed from the original borrowed beautiful old design notes, but the effect is still triggered negative reaction – I immediately like the new TAG Heuer.

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The function is provided by TAG Heuer’s Caliber 17 automatic chronograph, which is basically ETA-2894-A2. This modular motion runs for 4 Hz, using 37 gemstones, providing 38 hours of power storage and a cam chronograph. For the new Fake Tag Heuer Watches Sale, the dome sapphire crystal has a double scratch and anti-reflective coating with a water resistance of 100 meters.

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Fortunately, although the new TAG Heuer is a number, but not limited to this.I feel that the new Cheap Replica Watches is not a direct copy of the original, but can improve the design in more ways. Although I am recording the sharing of my doubts, the need for more and more “retro style” design,