24 Aug

TAG Heuer Replica Watches Connected Hands-On With Full Specs, All Details, Availability

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Silicon Valley and Switzerland meet, Jean-Claude Biver so eloquently, TAG Heuer today in New York City officially launched the long-awaited Cheap Tag Heuer Replica Connected smart watch, we have reported from the activities of all the details, including pricing, design, Battery life, availability and so on.

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There is no doubt that over the years, the smart watch is already the sword of Damocles, placed on the head of the Swiss watch leader. Despite the fact that the vast majority of important Swiss players in the industry have no choice but to technically ignore the ever-changing smart watches, creating luxury Swiss alternative Apple watches and other rivals.

Key issues that we have to address include how the first generation version of Tag Heuer Replica Watches will work, how it affects brand recognition, and how we will lead us in the future of Swiss smart watches.

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Jean-Claude Biver, head of LVMH Luxury Group’s watch division and chief executive officer of TAG Heuer, explains that at TAG it will prove impossible – both financial and technically catastrophic – try and design And / or make your own operating system or processor chip. So what they are doing is with Tag Heuer Replica Watches China strong brand name and has a lot of expertise to make a lot of luxury watches and turn to Google and Intel – two very powerful and capable companies certainly do not need to introduce – to help They are unknown.

Nevertheless, TAG Heuer has spent nearly nine months from the Basel news release that has so far finally released the finished product: TAG Heuer Connected watch here.

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In the case of a width of 46mm, TAG Heuer Connected watch case made of two titanium case, and with anti-fingerprint coating of black sandblasting titanium carbide coated titanium bezel. The use of titanium should make the watch on the actual size of the watch is relatively light – it is the actual weight of the rubber strap only 81 grams. The case will run IP67 waterproof rating to ensure that the watch in the 30 minutes of uninterrupted time to maintain up to one meter depth function. Tag Heuer Replica Watches UK will be divided into black, red, blue, white, orange, green and yellow one of seven different rubber strap options – can also be purchased separately.

The dial and the hand are still stubbornly displayed, and the most relevant information from the partner application is displayed in the three counters on the chronograph of the 12-6-9 position. What you need to do is touch the problematic counter to open in full screen mode and interact with the corresponding application – this is to help the “watch element” outperform other instructions unless you explicitly want to highlight something else.