19 Nov

Magnetism Is One Of The Worst Enemies For Omega Mechanical Replica Watches

Omega replica watches
Omega replica watches

Whether METAS is a big deal I will leave up for you to decide, but for me – with a previous life in auditing – I would say it is great that there is an independent third party (METAS) that certifies the testing process and the results from best Omega replica watches manufacturer. Some other brands have their own standards as well, but you – as a consumer – have to rely on their blue eyes that the testing has been done in a proper – and sufficient – manner.

Unfortunately some of these brands have relatively high return rates, so I really wonder sometimes what the added value is of their testing procedures. Quality control is so important on good and expensive replica watches, nothing is more delusional for a customer than having to return replica watches to the retailer and be without for the next X months because someone didn’t do his or her job right. Trust me, I’ve been there.

The caliber 8901 movement is a self-winding movement with – of course – George Daniels’ Co-Axial escapement and anti-magnetic up to (at least) Omega 15,000 gauss replica watches. Due to the use of special alloys, the movement itself is anti-magnetic unlike some other anti-magnetic replica watches that are using specific case constructions (soft iron core) in order to be resistant to magnetism. And yes, magnetism is one of the worst enemies for Omega mechanical replica watches, in case you are wondering what the fuzz is about.