9 Nov

Cheap Tag Heuer Replica For Sailing

As a watch lover, we spend a lot of time thinking about smartwatches. This is what we did not expect the Cheap Tag Heuer Replica Collaboration with the US Oracle team to create a single-use smart watch for sailors of the 2013 America’s Cup regatta, the result is fascinating. Let’s take a closer look.

The 2013 America’s Cup is a high-tech miracle with on-shore broadband, streaming HD video, a variety of data acquisition and on-board WiFi networks. The boats and races are probably about to be adjusted and competitive, with each component carrying the Tag Heuer Replica Watches largest load and the least material. Eleven sailors have very specific jobs to do, and each sailor needs some information to perform well.

TAG Heuer is currently one of many brands or has sponsored a yacht racing team in the past. In addition to the brand name on board, the crew usually wear brand watches. These are usually high-end mechanical watches. Although it is reasonable for crew members to wear these watches when meeting with the press, few of these Tag Heuer Replica are actually worn by them during the competition. Sailors usually need accurate digital watches that provide a range of details that mechanical watches can not provide, such as wind speed readings. Yacht racing is the use of environmental information to quickly decide how to best control the boat.

In this environment, the smartwatch is a great solution for the yacht racing team. The information provided by a smart watch is easy to see and you do not have to be a special tool. So TAG Heuer developed Aquaracer 72 smart watch for crew members to use. Is this a smart watch? According to Cheap Tag Heuer Replica introduction, the watch runs custom software and includes WiFi. Watch design with on-board boat WiFi internet connection. Also connected to the network are a range of instruments and sensors. Therefore, Aquaracer 72 watch at a glance to see a lot of real-time information from the entire ship. In addition, TAG Heuer tailors each watch to every crew member – as their personal data needs vary.

In confidential work,Tag Heuer Replica worked with the Oracle team to create the Aquaracer 72 and the arm-mounted PDA you see in the picture below. The software runs the same software, but the configuration shows more data for use by the captain and tactician, and everyone needs more information to do their job.