3 Nov

Cheap Tag Heuer Replica Limited Edition Watches

This year’s launch of TAG Heuer Autavia “re-issue” has been hit, today’s watch appeared limited edition, designed to celebrate the 85th anniversary of Jack Heuer’s birth. Today’s TAG has been keen to promote as much as possible the value of Mr. Jack Hall, and there are good reasons. Cheap Tag Heuer Replica predecessor is also part of the original Heuer family of the original brand. In the 1960s, he was famous to introduce the very popular Carrera series, as well as Autavia’s first watch version.

According to TAG Heuer, in 1933, TAG Heuer wrote the name “Autavia” for the word “car” and “aviation”. The concept is to have a watch suitable for both purposes. Until about 30 years later, in 1962, Autavia’s name was given a watch, Tag Heuer Replica Watches said was his first watch in the company design. Jack also seems to say that this limited edition of “modern Audrey Heuer 02” is “I created the last watch”, which may mean that he can do with his related watches. That might be the case, but my instincts tell me that as long as there is a Jack TAG Heuer, Jack Heuer may occasionally appear limited edition watch.

I recommend anyone who is interested in this watch, who may have missed the above link comments – after reading this article for reference. In most cases, all the content of what I am talking about is not limited to limited edition models, ranging from Tag Heuer Replica internal automatic chronograph movement, smooth old-fashioned look and good value.

Jack Heuer Autavia and other styles of the main difference is the color of the dial – in this case, this color is with a black sub-dial silver. Although this article only has this watch brand image can be easily used, but I have dealt with and worn this Cheap Replica Watches several times, and proved its desirability. One thing that I would like to mention is that the image looks like the way it is different, and most of the dial is clearly visible with the black dial Autavia if my memory is right for me.

Another difference between the limited edition is the design of the digital scale in the bidirectional rotating bezel. The non-limited edition of Autavia has a 12-hour scale on the bezel, while the Jack TAG Heuer model has a more traditional 60-minute counter. Both are inserted with a black anodized aluminum bezel. Again, I would point out that what would make Autavia more perfect for the Replica Watches is made of ceramic and aluminum alloy.

Which of the two borders is more attractive or more useful? This is a very good question, really is the problem of personal taste. In the less marked place, 12 hours on the elegant side of the scale more. Nonetheless, a 60-minute counter is more common and can be said to be useful in more cases, as a chronograph, and also a bit busy with all the tags. I really can not say that the choice of a baffle is better than the other – except that they are just different.

In addition to the above differences, Autavia Cheap Tag Heuer Replica are the same as non-limited edition. I will soon remind you of the overall specifications. Polished steel case width 42mm, thick, water 100m. The Heuer 02 movement is an automatic device for a 12 hour chronograph system with column and vertical clutches. The movement has a neat date window in the 6 o’clock sub-dial, and the 4Hz movement has up to 80 hours of power reserve.