13 Oct

Cheap Tag Heuer Replica Watches Is The First Belt-Driven Tourbillon

Incredibly, one of the most striking creations of TAG Heuer, Monaco V4 has been bold ten years ago. Today, we are looking at this brand to celebrate the tenth anniversary, which is one of its technically impressive Cheap Tag Heuer Replica Watches. The story is that in 2004, the brand introduced a concept watch, as the world’s first, in its use of ultra-thin transmission belt. Called V4, which is a shocking concept, which is an awkward away from the function of a long way away from the problem.

When I say “non-tourbillon”, you may have guessed how Tag Heuer Replica will celebrate the tenth anniversary of this work: yes, revealing a new and another enhanced version called the Monaco V4 Tourbillon, the world’s first A miniature drive for a minute tourbillon. Talk about the long road from the concept of the problem to the most impressive watch!

The watch is still operated by four barrels, installed on a unique V-shaped motherboard, reminiscent of the V-shaped configuration of the sport car and some of the engines found in the bike. From our point of view, it is really interesting that these buckets are mounted on the ball bearings and that they are driven by very small connections. In fact, Tag Heuer Replica Watches was looking for a way to make these small belts for most of the five years between the 2004 concept and the 2009 “commercialized” version.

The problem is that these must be very precise manufacturing – give you the idea of ​​such a thing, the thinnest belt is a “thick” only 0.07mm so that they can reliably drive the wheels and pinions in any case. Other major sources of problems include changes in heat and other external factors, as well as the medium and long term durability of these real microcomponents. Cheap Replica Watches eventually found the answers to all of these questions and treated them very secretly. It is clear that these transmission belts, as implied by their names, serve as vehicles that drive the drive from one wheel to another, and therefore the tourbillon, through the sapphire front and back of the V4 Tourbillon titanium alloy case. The pinion.

The end result is a rather cold and intimidating Cheap Tag Heuer Replica, and there is something to be appreciated, even if such a wrist technique is not a cup of tea. Two large V-shaped and open bridges and beveled openings protrude from the wheels that float around the dial, with no significant connection between each other. When I first saw V4 “metal”, the most surprising thing was that the belt was actually insignificant – no image could really imitate the difficulty of using the naked eye to determine them.

On the one hand, I expect to see more progress, or more creativity, involving the decoration of these sports. Because these high-level Tag Heuer Replica Watches and clocks are hand-decorated, assembled by the brand’s main watchmaker, I believe there will be a way to achieve the updated design. What I mean is that while the tourbillon is surprisingly adapted to this future environment, but I find that Geneva’s Geneva decoration shows some lack of imagination, which means that I think it can create some new, more modern models , Will look like “Geneva stripes” as elegant and delicate, but will not remind us of almost all the traditional works, in some way to show this decoration.