19 Oct

TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Replica Watches Hands-On

It’s hard to believe that over the years it was our first hands-on article with the famous Cheap Tag Heuer Replica. It just shows that cool watches can pass through cracks. If you do not know, Monaco V4 was originally a concept watch designed by Jean-Francois Ruchonnet in 2004 for TAG Heuer. Since we wrote this watch in 2014, I think this is the tenth anniversary of the watch. Having said that, TAG Heuer did not close the release of the watch until a few years later.

Five years accurate. Watch industry designers, such as Ruchonnet, are undoubtedly talented and inspired, but are often known for providing “incomplete projects”. From a technical point of view, this means that he gives Tag Heuer Replica plan is not a working watch. No matter what the credit is, he must adjust the TAG Heuer’s own ideas, so that resources will be put into the necessary research and development, so that the car theme movement to the actual operation. For this, this is a very important side, despite all the efforts required to make Monaco V4 a reality to help create a new high-end department in TAG Heuer.

Since then, TAG Heuer has created other limited edition models. Why not? According to TAG Heuer, the Monaco V4 movement became a realistic development time requiring 14,200 days of research. That is a few days, certainly a lot of experts work. Even taking into account the expediency of Switzerland, it is a lot of time. So with such a big investment, Tag Heuer Replica Watches only regularly offers a new version of Monaco V4 to make sense.

Even in 2004 the birth of a concept, Monaco V4 is still a very cool Cheap Replica Watches. The campaign aims to model the car engine in several ways. One of the most promising elements is the use of transmission-style belt with the traditional metal gear with the use. Transmission of power through the belt seems to be sufficient, but TAG Heuer to ensure its reliability and timing performance is very difficult. Eventually, Tiger TAG Heuer succeeds, Monaco V4 is actually considered to be a fairly accurate watch.

The film has an old dial. Amazing design proves why people first want to work with Ruchonnet. The traditional mechanical elements are blended with modern design, and the Monaco V4 is a “cool” way to show your status as a Cheap Tag Heuer Replica nerd. In function, it only shows the time and minutes as well as the auxiliary stopwatch at 4 o’clock. The back of the watch is getting more and more interesting.